Can you feel it coming?

Directed & Written by Rafael Pavon


One night, a dreamy teenage girl called Lucy wakes up to a strange light creature called Ray. While trying to understand each other through a whimsical dance of light, they find themselves trapped in a dilemma of trust.

Should she keep Ray forever?

Ray started as a linear immersive fairytale to understand the technology and evolved into a fully interactive 6DOF narrative experience.

Inspired by a short film I shot back in 2007, I wrote the story of Ray as a way to experiment with movement and space in virtual reality. The bedroom became an extension of Lucy’s inner world and a playground to expand her personality in a subtle way, where curiosity is hightly rewarded.

Ray combines a carefully planned live-action choreography shot using stereoscopic techniques, with high-end visual effects, expressive real-time particle systems, creature vocal sound design and an arresting soundtrack by Nico Casal.

To create the music for this film, the true driving force of the story, we worked with Nico Casal, long-time collaborator and composer of the soundtrack for the Oscar winner short film “Stutterer”.

All of Our Empty Jars
(Ray’s Main Theme)

Awards & Recognitions