I'm a Creative Director aiming to push the boundaries of immersive and interactive storytelling.

Im now working with the bravest immersive studio in the world, AtlasV, after being creative director at the Disney-backed VR company Jaunt and the legendary immersive studio Future Lighthouse.

This is a selection of my works and the stories behind them.

And this is a bit more about my story.

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Real-time animation short about an endearing robot destined to save the world.


Interactive cinematic experience starring Rupert Grint for Playstation VR.


Immersive fairy tale about a girl and a cheeky streak of light called Ray.

Campfire Creepers

Cinematic series for Oculus, directed by Alexander Aja and starring Robert Englund.

Ministerio del Tiempo

Interactive cinematic experience based on the awarded TV series about time travel.

In the Cloud

Immersive cinematic experience based on Sony Crackle´s film In the Cloud.


Immersive journey inside the mind of one of the most awarded chefs in the world.

The Hummingbird

Short film about the story and legend behind the real first man in space.

A human journey.

Directed by Nicolás Alcalá.
Creative directed by Rafael Pavón.

Melita is a human journey to find a new home, but also an inner journey to find out what does it mean to be human.

In 2026, the world is collapsing due to climate change. Anaaya, an Inuit brilliant female scientist, is appointed to find a planet that humans can inhabit.

Melita, an advanced AI, is sent to help her on the task. Together, they will embark on a journey against time and preconceptions to save humanity from extinction. 

"I was completely blown away.
It opens doors."

Colum Slevin, Oculus VR head of experiences.

Melita is available on the following VR headsets

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You in or you out, mate?

Directed by
Rafael Pavón & Nicolás Alcalá.

Inspired by a real life heist in London, Crackle's new series Snatch centers on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who are suddenly thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime.

Snatch fans will accompany Rupert Grint, most known for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film franchise, as Charlie Cavendish on a heist alongside his thieving friends Albert and Billy as they attempt to break into the safe of criminal mastermind Sonny Castillo with the help of Sonny’s ex, Lotti.

As Hollywood continues to bet heavily on immersive content, Sony’s streaming network Crackle announces the launch of an exclusive virtual reality episode for its new hit show “Snatch."

Directing virtual reality is always an immense
challenge, both creatively and technologically, but with Snatch, we turned the complexities into advantages. We had to shoot with one actor per day, even thought the action combines the four of them at the same time, so they all had to imagine the other 3 and react to their lines and expressions in order to match the timings.

Luckily for us, one of our actors was familar with reacting to magical stuff happening around him.

The idea of combining live action with interactive elements isn't new but, in virtual reality, the amount of craft involved in creating a believable live-action 360 stereo environment, with 4 actors around you, reactive sound design, and a solid story with different endings, was so intense that we had to review and optimise our process almost daily.

Snatch VR is available on the following VR headsets

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Lucy has an unexpected
visitor tonight.

Created & directed by Rafael Pavón.

One night, a dreamy teenage girl called Lucy wakes up to a strange light creature called Ray. While trying to understand each other through a whimsical dance of light, they find themselves trapped in a dilemma of trust.

Should she keep Ray forever?

Ray is both an immersive narrative fairy tale and an interactive experience where you can play with the light creature using voice recognition and hand gestures.

Inspired by a short film I shot back in 2007, I wrote the story of Ray as a way to experiment with movement and space in virtual reality. The bedroom became an extension of Lucy’s inner world and a playground to expand her personality in a subtle way, where curiosity is hightly rewarded.

Ray combines a carefully planned live-action choreography shot using stereoscopic techniques, with high-end visual effects, expressive real-time particle systems, creature vocal sound design and an arresting soundtrack by Nico Casal.

All of Our Empty Jars
(Ray’s Main Theme)

To create the music for this film, the true driving force of the story, we worked with Nico Casal, long-time collaborator and composer of the soundtrack for the Oscar winner short film “Stutterer”.

Ray will be available soon on the following VR headsets

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Come and join the campfire tonight.

Directed by Alexandre Aja.
Creative directed & edited by Rafael Pavón.

The live action anthology series, directed and produced by Oculus Studios, Future Lighthouse and Alexandre Aja, responsible for horror hits like The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha, invites the viewer to join the fire circle at Camp Coyote as a group of campers take turns telling scary stories, each one leading you on an immersive ride into your darkest childhood fears.

Inspired by cult classics like Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, Campfire Creepers is one of the first pieces of episodic immersive content that seeks to draw in more mainstream viewers into VR.

The original soundtrack was composed by the French musician Rob Coudert, known for his original soundtracks for Belle Epine, Jimmy Rivière, Radiostars, Maniac, and Horns and member of the band Phoenix.

The first episode includes a guest appearance by Robert Englund, known for his legendary turn
as Freddy Krueger on Nightmare on Elm Street.

In each episode Alexandre Aja and Future Lighthouse will push the VR story telling limits of what has been done before, utilizing new camera movements, editing, macro shots, etc, always playing with what could be possible to bring more chills to the viewer’s experience.

Campfire Creepers is a rare gem for a creative director, as I had the chance to shape the project from the script and all the way to the delivery, working closely with Alexandre Aja, Casey Cooper-Johnson and Martin Andersen, the scriptwriters, helping them understand the possibilities and potential of VR as a new language and translating them to the rest of the production team.

From working with the cast so they understand their new acting space and relationship with the camera, to exploring the camera techniques, some of which have never been used before in narrative VR, to rethinking the way practical visual effects are used inside the spherical frame.

Campfire Creepers is available on the following VR headsets

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Stop the bomb and save the Ministry.

Directed by
Rafael Pavón & Pablo Lara.

"Save the Time" is a virtual reality experience in which you'll be inside one of the best television series in Spain, The Ministry of Time.

In this experience, you​'ll​ live an adventure in first person​,​ try​ing​ to dismantle the plans of the "Angel Exterminator"​ sect​ ​as they tr​y to change the history of Spain and to destroy the Ministry.

During these 15 minutes, you will face several challenges against time that you will have to solve
with ability and cold blood.

“The Ministry of Time: Save the Time" reached 100k downloads on its first 2 months on the Playstation VR store.

The Ministry of Time: Save the Time is available on the following VR headsets

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We’re here to map your brain.

Directed by Josema Roig.
Creative directed by Rafael Pavón.

The VR experience "In the Cloud”, coproduced with Sony Crackle, follows the film with the same name, exploring the inevitable evolution of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and the dramatic implications when it is used by those with questionable interests.

The film is set in the near future after dozens of people are killed in attacks by a serial terrorist bomber, In the Cloud tells the story of two estranged tech geniuses (Justin Chatwin and Adetomiwa Edun), brought together by the mysterious death of their mentor (Gabriel Byrne), they overcome their differences to create a perfect cutting-edge technology with the goal of invading the terrorist’s memories using a VR environment to pinpoint the remaining bombs and prevent countless more casualties.

But hiding in the shadows are those with secret agendas who seek to utilize the “memory cloud” to create and control what can only be described as a digital afterlife. In their race to thwart the attacks, our heroes will inadvertently create an AI so powerful it may change the very meaning of life and death for the future of humanity.

Director Josema Roig had a strong vision for the VR episode of In The Cloud: how would it feel when our brains are uploaded to The Cloud?

Inspired by biology, genetics, architecture, near death experiences, hallucinations and classic videogames, we worked with concept and 3D artists in order to build the visual language of the upload process from scratch, going through different layers of physical existence until we complete the process, although it might not be that easy.

In the Cloud is available on the following VR headsets

Follow your inspiration.

Directed by NYSU.
Creative directed by Rafael Pavón.

BeefeaterXO is an interactive experience inside the creative mind of the 3-Michelin-starred chef DABIZ MUÑOZ, where we’ll travel through 4 different cities in order to find the secrets behind the most avant-garde cocktails ever made.

BeefeaterXO is available on the following VR headsets

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Have you heard of the lost cosmonaut?

Written & directed by
Rafael Pavón.

A team of filmmakers receive an unexpected call from a girl called Anna while documenting The Cosmonaut, a film based on the legends of the lost cosmonauts.

She claims to be the granddaughter of a real lost cosmonaut and, possibly, the true first man in space before Yuri Gagarin, and persuades them to change their plan and embark on a journey to find out the truth.

Back in 2013 I decided to take on a journey to tell this story, based in real conspiracy theories, legends about haunted places and events from the Space space program. And, even more important, I was fascinated by The Overview Effect, a cognitive shift often reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight and triggered by the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space.

Shot in real locations in Lithuania, Latvia and the UK, The Hummingbird takes audiences on a journey to question the very nature of truth and hope.

As an immersive filmmaker, I love taking the baton from other disciplines and visual languages, and one of the most relevant ones is film. Flat films can teach us a lot of how an artform evolves and how it balances back and forth with its audience, as they learn to understand it.

"Believing certain things
is a choice"

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About me

I started directing back in 2008 at the collective Watergun, where I produced commercials, music videos and films in the UK, USA and Spain, for Coca Cola, Adidas, Intel, Sony Music and Warner Music, before taking on bigger breadths and deeper depths with immersive media and virtual reality as creative director of Future Lighthouse in 2015.

I graduated as MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London, specialised in moving image and digital media. 

Before that, I worked as an art director at Young & Rubicam, Remo Asatsu and Delete London, taught Digital Design at Central Saint Martins, started Computer Science & Fine Arts studies, survived Glastonbury Festival 7 times, lived in London for 9 years, in Chile for almost 1, played guitar in 2 terrible bands, was thanked at the Oscars, climbed Machu Picchu and failed many, many times.

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